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The University of Benin Alumni Association North America (UBAANA) is a recognized non-profit, non-political organization that strives to support the work and mission of the University of Benin (UNIBEN).


North America


All former students who spent at least one session at the University of Benin pursuing an undergraduate or graduate program; honorary degree holders, current and former staff shall be eligible to become members of UBAANA provided that they reside anywhere in North America- To join, reach out to the chapter chair in your respective states or email [email protected]

UBAANA has chapters across multiple states in North America, locating the nearest chapter to you depends on your state of residence, below are our chapters & contact information.




New York/ new Jersey

Rachael Oghagbon


Dmv- Washington Dc, Maryland & Virginia Chapter

Prof. Paulinus Chigbu


Dallas Chapter Chapter

Efosa Uzamere


Houston Chapter

Alero Hans

(832)- 245-6481

Midwest- Illinois Chapter

Joy Ebholiemhen


Georgia Chapter

Usang Ekpe


Carolinas Chapter (North and South Carolinas)

Dr. Kingsley cadmus


Philadelphia Chapter

Dr, Ben Imoobe


Sourthern California

Linda Edhere


Nothern California Chapter

Victor Omorogieva


Tennessee Chapter

Ufouma Igori


Boston Chapter




Contact university of Benin at the school’s website to request your transcript. However, UBAANA can help facilitate the issuance of Transcript to alumni members, to get the process started, email [email protected]

Contact the university of Benin Authorities to request for missing certificates via the school’s website or physical location.

Reach out to your local chapter or email [email protected] to get you added to the various platforms.

Every chapter Holds their respective events which differs from chapter to chapter. Our chapter takes pride in participating in community engagement and enhancing civic responsibilities.

To advertise your business to UBAANA community, contact a member of the UBAANA exco. You can also take advantage of the national WhatsApp forums to promote your business and services.

Thank you for having the interest of our community at heart, to promote a job opportunity, leverage our national WhatsApp platforms, also reach out to the secretary general or any member of the Exco to further help amplify the opportunity using other official channels of communication.

There are numerous benefits to joining UBAANA such as

  1. Networking: Connect with diverse UBAANA alumni for professional relationships and career opportunities.
  2. Professional Growth: Access exclusive career development resources and guidance from experienced alumni.
  3. Community Engagement: Stay informed about alumni achievements, events, and actively contribute to discussions.
  4. Resource Access: Enjoy exclusive resources, job boards, and discounts through UBAANA partnerships.
  5. Philanthropy: Contribute to alma mater development through philanthropic initiatives and mentorship programs.

To change chapters, reach out to the chapter via the chapter chairs contact.

UBAANA offers structured mentorship programs connecting experienced alumni with those seeking guidance in their professional journeys.

UBAANA's online platforms serve as hubs for mentorship connections, allowing members to seek or offer guidance in specific professional areas.

The UBAANA General Assembly is an annual gathering that serves as a pivotal event within the Association. It occurs during the annual convention and is the primary forum for conducting essential business. During this assembly, members engage in crucial activities, including the review and approval of reports, proposals, and action programs presented by either the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors. Additionally, the General Assembly plays a central role in formulating general policies that guide the Association. Another significant aspect is the election of key leadership positions, such as the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, shaping the direction and governance of UBAANA. Overall, the General Assembly is a cornerstone event where members come together to make important decisions, ensuring the effective functioning and growth of the association.

The University of Benin Alumni Association North America (UBAANA) is a recognized non-profit, non-political organization that strives to support the work and mission of the University of Benin (UNIBEN).


President Kingsley Oise Momodu Accomplishments

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